Chakarai Pongal for May 1st 2008

Hi Foodies,

You guys must have read about the Chennai Bloggers Meet in my blog. I made Chakarai Pongal for the meet. But been so late to post the receipe. Here it goes..
2 cups Raw Rice
3 cups jaggery
Cashew nuts and raisins
Ghee as required

Cook the rice with three parts of water until its soft and mushy. Dissolve jaggery in water and strain it off using a thin cloth or strainer. This is to ensure that no sediments form a part of the sweet. Generally Jaggery will have some minute mud particles owing to the method of its preparation, when you strain it, we can avoid such particles. In a big wok heat ghee , fry raisins first and keep aside. Then fry Cashewnuts. This is because Raisins will become brown when the ghee is very hot. Mash the cooked rice , to make a semi solid paste. Add this to the wok along with the jaggery water. Allow the mixture to boil, under simmer. Turn in occasionally to avoid the mixture sticking to the base.
The color of the pongal will depend on the type of jaggery that you use. So if your pongal does not have a golden brown color it doesnt mean that it lacks sweet. Its just the color but the sweetness will surely be there. Be generous with ghee for it will add on to the taste of the Chakarai Pongal. I hope all who came to the meet enjoyed eating it.


kamala said...

Kamalika i too make the same way.I didnt like adding dal to pongal.Looks good

Unknown said...

love chakkarai pongal..Indeed this was my first post in my blog

Srivalli said...

kamalika..that was a sweet dish!..thanks

Swati Raman Garg said...

who doesnt love chakarai pongal and yours looks the authentic style.. good one..

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