Darios: Corporate Lunch

Darios is a fairly new restaurant which serves Italian cuisine and is a vegetarian one too. A quick conversation with Chef Senthil I learnt that they do not use egg for making their pastas. The Chef was a cheerful person who took time to explain each and every dish that was served. 

The Corporate Lunch at 
Darios comprises of  the following 

Welcome Drink
6" Pizza or Pasta or Risotto

All this for Rs 389/- plus taxes

You can choose your dish from the list of items available under Corporate Lunch Menu

Following is a review on those that I got to taste. 

Lemon Juice : Just perfect to Quench the thirst of the afternoon heat
I prefer lemon juice with salt and not many places make it perfect. 
This glass of Lemon juice was just perfect.

Pomodoro: Tomato Basil Soup,very flavorful with basil and was creamy. 
Just the right warm to have it.

Bosco : Spinach, Mixed Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato and Onion in a very simple Lemon Dressing
Crunchy to taste, which is complimented by the herbs and dressing

Etnea : Spicy pizza with jalapeno, bell peppers, tomato Sauce, ricotta cheese and capers

Very thin crust and very light on stomach. The veggies in it are cut into small pieces, so that you get a burst of flavors when you bit into it. The tomato sauce used as a base it devoid of any preservative and is made on a daily basis in Darios.

Ravioli Kamarina, my personal favorite

I loved the way Ravioli is made. Presence of Green Peas and Chick Peas, indicate the influence of Sicilian Cuisine in this dish. Sicilian cuisine is known to use a lot of Legumes in their cooking. The sauce used for this ravioli was creamy but yet not heavy on the tummy. One striking feature about this dish is that, the ravioli is not bulky, it is thin and you do not feel that you are eating stuffed pasta

Brownie with Ice Cream .. eh sinful
Just in the right time when I was getting prepared to bare the sun again. Super soft Brownie with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce,.. hmm what more can I ask for. 

Lemon Cheese Cake , creamy and light. 

Had a lovely subtle taste of lemon along with cream. Had it with the chocolate and it was a wonderful combination.

Overall, its a very good meal and value for money. Don't wait to go along with your team to enjoy do drop in on any weekday to have a wonderful Italian meal at a very competitive price. 

Will I go back? Definitely YES .
It is now one of my favorite restaurant.

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