Easy Breezy Rice Sevai Kichadi

I love rice sevai , but my mother does not like to cook it. Hence when I get a chance to make breakfast I ensure that I make this Sevai in a number of variations. You can make Lemon sevai, Coconut sevai, Kichadi, you can also make rice sevai fried rice. I wish to try that, will soon do it and post the recipe here. So today's breakfast was Rice Sevai Kichadi with Fried Gram Dal Chutney
Rice Sevai - 2 cups.
Assorted veggies - I had carrots , beans and green peas.
Green chillies - 3 slit into two
Curry leaves
Mustard seeds.

Boil the rice sevai separately and run it through cold water (This will separate the grains). In a heavy bottom pan, heat a little oil and add the mustard seeds along with the curry leaves( I love to eat the curry leaves when they are crispy). To this add the slit green chillies and boiled veggies. I usually boil the veggies in a microwave, this is to retain the crunchiness of the veggies. Add salt to taste and saute the whole mixture for 5 mins time. Slowly add the rice sevai and carefully mix it with the veggies. Switch of the flame and serve hot with Chutney.


Choclate Cake for my Sister Gokie

I somehow remembered my sister a lot today. She is a person whom I have not interacted when we both were in India, now after years she is in US and now we are the best friends. Sharing most of our ideas and emotions via emails. I feel a close connection with her. She loves all my recipes and my cooking too. Im actually looking forward for her visit to India, when I can make all her favourite dishes and not to forget the little angels, my nieces. Lovely ones and naughty too. I baked a cake today and wanted to send it to her. Im sending it to her virtually, hope you like it Gokie.. Miss you !

I learned to bake a cake in a microwave from Divya Kudua of Easycooking. She is my teacher who gave me the confidence that cakes can be done in Microwave too. Thanks Divya. You can find the recipe for the cake here. Yes, but I did not do the Mocha Icing. And guess what , I took the cake to office it was all over in a few minutes, less than what I took to make it. Who will not be happy when the vessel is empty fast and people around relishing your food. I loved it. It actually motivates me to cook even the more better.


MEC: Halwa

Here I am hosting my first ever event in the virtual environment. I'm excited and nervous, being my first one. I wish to thank Srivalli for her constant encouragement to make this happen. So the theme for this month's Microwave Easy Cooking Event is Halwa.

So please put on your thinking caps and make some lovely halwa for this event. To participate in this event .

To participate in this event, please make sure of the below points:
1. Cook any dish in Microwave using Theme. It can be a starter, Main Course, Side dish or Sweets/Dessert.
2. Link back to this post and to MEC: Announcement Kindly use the attached Logo.
3. Send in your details to YOUR EMAIL ID with the below details to akamalika@gmail.com
Your Name
Blog Name:
Dish Name
Recipe Type:
Post URL:
Last date for sending in your entries is Dec 31st
Looking forward for your lovely entries.

Chennai in water - a sneak peek into last week

For all those people who wanted to know how Chennai was during the last one week, here is a glimpse of it.

Streets filled with water - no place to walk
The famous 11 th avenue of Ashok Nagar - supposed to be a walker s paradise

11 th Avenue - Ashok Nagar
The same 11 th Avenue
West Mambalam inundated with water
A busy street which had a deserted look owing to the rains

People wading through knee deep water to come out
Motorists found it very difficult to commute - some brave souls fought the water.

A huge pond created by the rain gods in the middle of the road
An open drain posing danger for passer bys over flowing
Aranganathan subway filled to the brim
A Public transport bus completely immersed in water.
People thronged in hundreds to watch the subway filled with water
Aranganathan subway

Sweet at last - Recipe Marathon - Day 30

Yes , here I am , at the end of this Recipe Marathon. Im making a sweet, a simple one rather to celebrate the completion. I take this chance to thank all my RM runners for their comments and encouragement given to me all through this month. Thanks a lot and congratulations to each one out there for your run .. We made it .. Nothing is impossible. !!

Nendram Pazham - 2
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 2 spoons
Saffron strands - 4 to 5
Steam cook the nedram in microwave or cooker. Remove the skin and mash the nendram. Add ghee and sugar to the mashed nendram and mix well. Garnish with Saffron strands and nuts. Serve chilled. Its a different dessert which will make eyebrows raise when you serve it to your guest. And guess who taught me this recipe .. my dear Janaki Patti. I dedicate this Recipe Marathon to her, who is my first inspiration to be a good cook.

Lets peep into my fellow runner's kitchen.
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