Channa Masala - Simple Way

I had channa masala with Idiyappam for breakfast today. I was in a rush and made a very simplified form of channa masala.
1 cup channa dal
1 spoon red chilli powder
1 tomato coarsely cut
2 spoons dhaniya powder
1 spoon ginger garlic paste
1 spoon garam masala powder
Cinnamon stick and clove
Salt to taste
Soak the channa dal overnite . Pressure cook them for 20 mins , till they become soft. In a wok add oil and fry the spices, cinnamon and cloves. To this add the boiled channa, along with Red chilli powder , dhaniya powder and salt. Add a little water along with ginger garlic paste and bring it to boil. When the masala consistency is reached , you can sprinkle garam masala powder and serve it with garnished cilantro.
Though this was done in a hurry , the taste turned out to be good and delectable.

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Unknown said...

This channa recipe sounds like a quick version..having with idiyapam sounds new to me..Will try it next time with idiyapams

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