Spoonbill : Global food available at your vicinity

My second visit to Spoonbill and it was the CFG review group . I look forward to such reviews as it is very relaxing and completely fun filled with lots of yummy food. 

A lovely bright orange Spoonbill will welcome you as you enter the restaurant
The various pictures on the walls reminded me of the movie title " Eat , Pray and Love "

Since it was Holi time, we got to see a lot of Sweets and savories related to the festival . As we sat chatting and clicking snaps, we were served fresh fruit juices Owing to my previous visit, I knew when they say fresh fruit juice , it is fresh juice and not the flavored ones. My choice is always the cool watermelon. 

Cooking is definitely an art on its own. Is there anyone who does not agree to this fact. If you disagree, please visit Spoonbill once and see the way they make, no .. create a crepe. It absolutely artistic. The way the batter is made into a huge circle. Then filled with stuffing and rolled into a cone. Oh my. I was completed taken away by the way it was done. 

Crepes being created, yes it looked like an art 

Soft crepe filled with chicken and cheese, ready to be devoured

Steaks in the making 

Grochen : The most soft pav I have ever tasted. This
pav was served along with the non vegetarian dish ,
but was devoured by the vegetarians, It was too soft
.. as in it would melt in your mouth

Falafel Salad , had the perfect blend of spices, onions
and tomatoes

Falafel Sandwich

Empanada , looked more like sweet somasi to me , 
but here again filled with cheese. We tried to stretch 
the cheese to check its strength. Check the picture to 
see how long we had stretched it . This deep fried 
snack is delicious but sinful at the same time. 

Piadina reminded me more of Quesedilla to me, as it
had veggies,cheese and sauce what more it was cut
into wedges exactly like the ones you get in any
mexican restuarant. I liked the taste of it  , who would
not like veggies with melted cheese

Hara Bara Kebab and Paneer kebab tasted very nice. I 
guess they should be the favorites of mine when I 
visit them next. 

Nanchos and burritos tasted good , expecially the sauce on top of it. was yumm

I did not stay back for desserts. But I have had the strawberry fresh cream crepe and has literally fallen in love with it. Cant wait to go there and have it again.

Spoonbil has a cool offer. 
Happy hours 3 to 6 pm weekday 
You get 1 on 1 free. 

It is located on TTK Road Alwarpet
Just above Samsung Showroom

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