JackFruit Jam

At home its JackFruit every where, I wanted to make the best use of the fruit without wasting it and causing a damage to the health( by over eating the fruit). I decided to make Jam out of it. So here goes the preparation for it .

Jack fruit - 3 cups
Sugar - 3 cups
Cut the Jackfruit into small pieces and steam them, without water. When its done, cool it and then blend it in a mixer to a smooth paste. In a thick bottomed wok pour the jackfruit paste.

Now add sugar to it . Since this fruit that I used was very sweet I used little less amount of sugar. Sugar can be added according to each family's taste.

Blend the fruit pulp and sugar, keep stirring under moderate heat. Care should be taken such that the mixture does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

When the mixture starts to boil make sure you are not hurt by the drops that bubble out , as they are very hot.

Keep stirring , till the mixture is reduced in quantity . By thia time the Jackfruit pulp and sugar , would blend so well.

This is the time when we need to keep stirring continuosly, to ensure that the color is maintained and jam is in the correct propotion.

JackFruit Jam is ready for you. You can have this with Bread or Roti. This will surely be a hit among kids.


notyet100 said...

again something new,..looks delicious,..

Swati Raman Garg said...

doing all wonders with jachfruit haan
too good.. lovelyy...

kamala said...

Nice presentation Kamalika.Never made jam with jackfruit.

Arundathi said...

never heard of jackfruit jam - what a unique idea!

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