Arusuvai Arrived !!!

Ive been a bit too lazy and tied up with work .. that I could not post this for a long time ... Today I decided that I would not being doing justice if I make any further delay .Bharathy found me from Jayashree's Blog and mailed me saying that Jayashree will send me the Secret Ingredient. Jayashree was very prompt to send me the package

Thanks Jayashree for the lovely package along with my all time favorite Fruit and Nut Cadburys. I will be posting the receipes very soon . And for those who guessed what the ingredients are ... its Choco Powder and Soya Beans.


Jayashree said...

Finally!!! Now Iam going to be watching your space to see what you did with those ingredients :-))

Srivalli said...

Kamalika..thats good to see you finally posting this...looking forward to see what you come up with..and don't forget to mention the blogger to whom you are going to send..infact she is so eagerly waiting for the ingredient!

A Kamalika Krishmy said...

Yeah jayasree , this weekend I will be posting my receipes

Sure Valli will include her name in my receipes post

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