Take Care Patti - I miss you very badly.

Muthulakshmi Patti
My Patti who brought me up right from my childhood days, breathed her last on Jan 30th. This is an immense loss for me. She has been my mentor and is the main person behind my family s prosperity. She took care of my food and well being which helped my mom to go to work peacefully, even when I was 3 months old. I still remember the days when she will be waiting at the door step for me to come back from school, feed me food and make me do my home work. She is the person who made my teeth look proper, who made my hair grow long when I was in school, who taught me Tamil from the beginning and last but never the least, showered me with a lot of love and affection.
She has been a part and parcel of my life from the day I was born. Its very hard to accept the fact that she is no more with me. She has been a support for me in many aspects, though I used to have a lot of fights with her I love her so much. The house has a vacuum in it without her cot in place , which has her framed photo instead. It will take some time for me to come out from this turmoil. Till then take care friends I will be back soon. I need all your support for this. Miss you patti..

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