Chapathi with Onions Subji

Often at night, I am so confused on what should be made subji to be made for rotis or chapatis.. its should be easy breezy to make and at the same time taste. One quick fix that I end up making at least twice in a week is the Onion subji . I say this is a quick fix as the ingredients are available in any normal kitchen. 
I would make this dish to make my menu look large too. 


Onions ( sliced ) - 2 cups
Curry leaves - a few
Red Chili powder - 1 tbsp
Coriander powder - 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil and jeera seeds for tempering


Heat oil in a wok and add jeera seeds 
Once they turn golden add the sliced onions and saute well
Add the spice powders and mix well
Sprinkle a little water to give the subji a consistency
When they all come as a gravy adjust salt and temper with curry leaves.
Yummy Onion Subji Ready


Hot breads : Valentine Special Fondants

Its that time of the year when love is in the air. To add more to all the celebrations going on Hot Breads have come up with their own line of Fondant Cakes. Please check for an interesting contest on their page in Facebook. The winners get to walk away with an exclusive fondant cake. So like their page and stay tuned for the competition that is gonna come up. 

Back to fondant cakes, that Hot breads make. They taste good and look very attractive. You can order a normal round cake for Rs 1000/kg and any other design or shape would cost you Rs 1800/kg

For all you valentines who wanna surprise your loved ones. Go in and order for their heart shaped cakes with red and pink fondants. You can also write a personal note on them using the edible ink pens that are available with them. What is more fun and special than writing a personalized message on the cake for your loved one.

Here is a glimpse of the fondant cakes that they have to offer

Red Velvet Cake for V Day celebrations.

Butterscotch cake with yellow fondant

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. This is for individual serving.

Chocolate cake with butter cream filling and blue fondant

There you go, write your own message on the cake using Edible ink pens.

Pretty cake with lovely pink bow

Various Heart shaped cakes exclusive for the season

This is how the cakes look when they are cut and ready to be devoured.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovely people out there. Go on to surprise your loved ones. 

Hot Breads is located at various places, find the closest one using the link below

Blogging Marathon Meeting : One year gone by, but memories still fresh...

Just a year back, a group of bloggers from across the country decided to meet in person and have some good fun, sharing love and knowledge. So the plan was to meet at Ahmedabad and hence our journey began. We got to meet the faces behind the blogs that we visit daily and interact over the various technologies available. Today each of our day starts and ends with this wonderful group of ladies from across the globe. One thing that brings us together is the love for cooking and trying various recipes from around the subcontinent and the globe. I am very very proud to be a part of this group. I must also admit that though I am not a regular blogger as compared to all others, they serve as inspiration to me in more than one aspects.

Let me refresh our memories with some photos that I clicked during the trip. (I was the official photographer of the whole trip)

Loads of goodies that I had got from my very sweet and thoughtful friends

Papdi Chat yummilicious

An array of pretty white metal bangles, when we went shopping and gorging side by side 

Colorful dresses in display

Tawa Pulao in the making

Oh my Oh my.. Tawa Pulao... my favorite street food..

This was besan pakoda.

Sunrise by Sabarmathi river

Pretty faces early in the morning. Oh how much I love this group. We did not take even a minute to  mingle with each other.. Felt like we knew each other for ages only

Like real crazy people, we stopped a amla vendor to click and smell the fresh fennel he had. 

All decked up with our aprons. thanks to Vaishali. I treasure that apron a lot .

At cream and crunch, where we learnt to make chocolate cigars and wings. 

Baby boo of blogging marathon

The most amazing Gujarathi thali I  have had till date.

Proud poser with our aprons. We did not take them off at all...even when we were on the streets. What fun it was. 

A surprise evening party at Vaishali s house, All decked up beauties.

Carrot halwa with Gulab  Jamun center, at her house.

Tasty tasty, jilebi, fafda, kadi for breakfast

Chocolate glitters to decorate home made chocolates

Making Chocolate Cups

Filled with cream and strawberry

Chocolate with glitter

A wonderful click , when we forgot that the camera was on auto click after 2 secs. 

It was truly a wonderful trip. wish we could do it one more time. Memories etched forever and gives me a smile whenever I think about it. This post is dedicated to all the members of the Blogging Marathon group. Love you all

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