Day 7 - Blogging Marathon - Corn Cheese Balls with French Fries

I am at loss of memory to think that its already 7 days gone .. Sure time flies.. So did these Corn Cheese Balls. This is yet another dish that I made for K & T. They loved it. I served it with French Fries and Tomato Sauce. My sister mailed me saying that K & T are totally excited about thier mention in my blogs. How could I be without mentioning them in my post. They are so adorable and loved almost everything I made for them. To be precise I spend close to 48 hours with them.. but memories are there even today after a year' s time.

Yummy ingredients that will help you make these (calorie filled) Cheese Balls
  • Grated Cheese - 1 block
  • Corn Kernels - a handful
  • Corn flour - 2 tsp
  • Bread Crumbs - to roll the cheese balls
  • Oil - for Shallow Fry

Here is how I made them
  • Grate Cheese
  • To this add the frozen corn kernels
  • Mix well and make small balls
  • Mix the corn flour in a small bowl with a little water
  • Dip the cheese balls in corn flour and roll them over bread crumbs
  • Shallow fry them in oil for just 30 secs
  • Delicious cheese balls are ready
  • Serve it with tomato ketchup
  • I made french fries ( the store bought ones) along with it

Note ;

  • It was a super hit combo with the kids.
  • You can add bread crumbs to the cheese /corn mixture. It will give you a nice texture.
  • These balls can also be made with veggies in them.

On the last day of the marathon, let us go kitchen hopping.. come along.


Day 6 - Blogging Marathon - Gulab Jamun with Icecream

Here I am in the penultimate day of the Blogging Marathon. This post is about the sweet I prepared for my nephew P who was here on vacation. I have heard from his mother, my cousin sister in law that he likes anything that is made in a restuarant style. So that is when this idea of Gualb jamun with Ice cream hit me.
My nephew loved it so did his cousin who came with him. He has gone back to Australia, but from what I hear from my SIL is that he still keeps talking about Gulab Jamun and Ice cream.

This is what I used to make Gulab Jamun
  • Khova – 11/2 cups
  • Maida – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 3 cups (if you want excess syrup i.e floating jamuns increase by a cup)
  • Water – 1 cup (increase if you’re increasing sugar)
  • Cooking Soda – 3 pinches
  • Cardamom – 4 pods
  • Saffron leaves – a few
  • Oil – 1 cup (for deep frying)

How I made it

  • Combine sugar and water in a flat bottomed broad pan and simmer on a low heat until sugar dissolves.
  • Add cardamom powder and saffron leaves and remove from fire.
  • Knead khova, maida and soda and quickly shape into elongated balls.
  • Heat oil on a medium flame.
  • Fry the jamuns till golden brown over a low to medium flame, keeping oil temperature uniform. Oil should not smoke.
  • Drain the jamuns and soak in the warm sugar syrup.

PS : I adopted the recipe we used for ICC in November 2010

Serve the jamuns with Ice cream, not only children adults will also love it.
Let us see what my fellow marathoners are cooking.
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Happy Woman's Day - A tribute to all the women in my life..

"Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece. "
Bharathiyar in his poems said that it is a boon to be born as a woman. I completely agree to it and feel it in my everyday life. It a privilege to be a woman. I have never ever felt inferior to men at any point in my life till date. Women of today are more educated , more knowledgeable and can manage difficult situations with a calm smile. Woman of today are excellent multitaskers. They manage their work, in laws, children , family, cooking and at the same time do not leave away their passion or hobbies.
In the treasure hunt that I participated today, there were many ladies who would have well past their 40s who had so much enthusiasm in them to participate. I was proud to see them and thought within myself that I should inculcate that enthusiasm and courage in myself.
The most important change seen in woman today is that they stand for they feel is Right, and live by it no matter what comes in their way. Though outgoing, we have not lost the touch of our roots and follow culture in every possible way.
Life teaches us many things through the experiences we have everyday and from people whom we meet daily. I have learnt many things from the women who are involved in my day to day life either directly or indirectly.
Starting from my grandmother ( dad's mom ) who brought me up with love and affection when my mother was away at work. The first Tamil words she taught me , the love with which she would be waiting for me every evening for me to return from school. I learnt how to love fellow human beings and treat them with compassion.
My other grandmother ( mom's mom ) was an epitome of courage to raise children, educate them and get them married off even after my grandfather passed away, inspires me to see the light when everything around you is dark.
My mother is where I draw most of my inspiration. She has always been a multi tasker in my eyes right from childhood, managing her school work and household activities. She was a teacher. Her never fading enthusiasm to learn new things has made her a Chief Educational Officer. This enthusiasm is mirrored in me , which made me gain 4 master degrees. Hats off to you mom...
My chitti, she is the other image of patience.. She is my chittappa s wife .. but still.. I would always say .. its my chitti's house rather than my chittappa's house. She has taken care of me when my mother was not around.I learnt patience from her.
My sisters, M, G and N ... most lovely girls ever .. they are more friends than family.. As the saying goes , your life is blessed when your family treats you like a friend and friends treat you like family. I'm blessed and privileged to have such people in my life.
I love you all and feel proud to be a part of this wonderful family which has shaped up such wonderful women.
Now, a special award to my blogger friends who has made my little space more beautiful

This Wonderful Women award goes to

Day 5 - Blogging Marathon - Gajar Halwa with Ice cream

I wanted to post a sweet on this special day which is dedicated to Women. A very happy Women's Day to all those lovely ladies out there. Women rocks the world. I am very proud to be a woman, I can see nods there agreeing to this point.

The recipe for today is a special one. This one again was completely loved by my nieces K & T. On a Sunday morning we had gone for a walk in the apartment when we encountered fresh carrots. One cannot resist buying them, they were so fresh. So I asked these kids if they would like to have carrot halwa they immediately said yes.

Things that help you make this dish
  • Carrot - 1 kg grated
  • Sugar - as per taste ( I used 3 cups )
  • Ghee - as per the requirement
  • Cashew & Raisins - to Garnish

The method of preparation

  • Grate the carrot and pressure cook them without water for one whistle
  • In a large wok, heat a little ghee and add the steamed carrot
  • After 2 mins time , add the sugar little by little. Adjust to the taste of your family.
  • In another pan, add ghee. When the ghee is hot add cashew and raisins to be roasted
  • Keep stirring this mixture and occasionally keep adding ghee to it
  • The mixture should come together and ghee should start coming out
  • At this juncture switch off the flame and add roasted cashew and raisins
  • Cardamom powder can be added, though it is optional
  • Serve this hot carrot halwa with vanilla ice cream. I bet you nothing can be more sinful

Verdict : My nieces loved it and had heaps of this halwa with icecream.

Im gonna be a good foodie today, who will surely visit her fellow runners. Come on let s go


Day 4 - Blogging Marathon - Capsicum Egg Burji

The dishes that I am posting for this marathon are the ones that were made for my nieces. This marathon is dedicated to my nieces K & T. Love you girls and missing you. Wanna make your favourite dishes again for you. Hope you are visiting us in the near future.
They like egg scramble just like that without any salt or pepper. I made it a couple of times for them. As soon they ate hot scarmble they asked me if it was cheese. This dish is an inspiration from that , as in how you can add veggies to the daily diet of kids using this dish

All that goes into this dish
  • Eggs - 2 beaten well with a pinch of salt
  • Onion - 1 chopped
  • Capsicum - 1 chopped
  • Pepper powder - to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil - 2 tsps
How do you make this Egg Burji
  • Break the eggs in a bowl and whisk them with a little salt
  • In a wok add a little oil
  • When the oil is hot add the chopped onions followed by capscicum
  • Saute them a little
  • Make sure the crunchiness of capsicum and onion is retained
  • Adjust salt and pepper to the kids taste
  • When it is done add the beaten egg and mix well
  • Slowdown the flame and keep stirring carefully till the eggs are done
  • Serve hot with bread toast or just like that

Note : You can add any veggies to the egg as long as it is like by your kid. This can also be used as an excellent filling for sandwiches

Ok, Im a little early to visit my fellow runners kitchens, so what lets go... come along ..


Day 3 - Blogging Marathon - Thayir Vadai ( Curd Vadai )

I have crossed a little less than half of the marathon. Yeah, its the third day of the marathon. My colleague TP and myself were a part of the Treasure Hunt organised by Hindu today and had loads of fun. We did not win though. But I tell you it was exciting to the core, we discovered many small things on the regular roads we commute. It was wonderful experience on the whole. Next year when this treasure hunt is held I would recommend every woman out there to take part in it.
Coming to today 's dish, curd vadai, this was a super dooper hit with my nieces. They just loved it and had it alone for breakfast. I made it two days in a row and still my little angels did not feel bored about the dish. It is a pleasure to see little kids happily gobble down something you cook for them, isnt it ladies. I guess many of you would have experienced the same emotions.

Here goes the list of ingredients that will help you make this lovely thayir vadai
  • Moong Dal - 1 cup
  • Urad Dal - 2 cups
  • Thick curd - 3 cups
  • Oil for deep fry
  • Cumin seeds powder - 2 tsps
  • Boondhi, Coriander leaves for garnish
  • Mustard seeds and oil for tempering
  • Salt to taste

This is how I made these Vadais

  • Soak moonga dal and urad dal for an hours time
  • Grind it along with some salt in a blender.
  • Take care not to add much water when you grind
  • Heat oil in a heavy bottomed wok for deep fry
  • Pinch small balls of batter and deep fry them in oil
  • In the meanwhile beat the curd well and add salt
  • Curd should be in Dosa batter consistency
  • Once all the vadais is deep fried, arrange them in the serving bowl
  • Pour beaten curd over it
  • Sprinkle cumin powder over the curd
  • Garnish with boondhi and coriander
  • You can either serve it chilled or just like that

I did not have time to chill it. By the time this was ready the girls were out from their bed and headed the dining table to have their breakfast which was Thayir vadai

For a complete menu for the day in the marathon visit


Day 2 - Blogging Marathon - Tomato Pasta

My day was completely hectic. I wanted to post my blog in the morning, but some work or the other stopped me and here I am posting at 10 pm. Guess am the last person to post. Though last, am happy I running the marathon quite well. My dish for today is Tomato Pasta. I can see a little frown on the faces of mothers out there. I feel having pasta say once a month is not that bad. It is just a change in taste. I have a certain craving for Pastas and Pizzas which occur on an average once in 6 - 8 months. Today was one such instance, and so this pasta found it way to the blogging marathon. This preparation can be used to serve hunger pangs at odd times of the day.

Here is the list of what I used to make this super easy pasta.
  • Pasta - 1 cup ( cooked al dente)
  • Tomato Sauce - 2 tsps
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil - 1 tsp
  • Oregano - optional
  • White Pepper powder - optional

This is how this breezy pasta was made

  • Cook the pasta to the level of al dente. I used tri-color spiralli pasta
  • In a pan , heat one tsps of oil
  • When the oil is hot add the tomato sauce and salt
  • Saute the mixture for a minute or two
  • To this add the cooked pasta and mix well
  • Remove from fire and add oregano ( I love the flavour of Oregano )
  • Tomato pasta can be served hot


  • You can add veggies to it. It would add more color to the whole dish
  • Any type of pasta can be used for this dish

My sincere apologies to fellow runners for not visiting your blogs today. Will surely visit you guys tomorrow. Now for a sneak into their Virtual Kitchens


Day 1 - Blogging Marathon - Simple Veggie Sandwich

OK , another marathon.. this time a different group. It is gonna be fun. The theme that I have chosen this time is Kids friendly recipes. This is a area which I do not venture in often ( no necessity as of now ). I have two lovely nieces who enjoy my cooking completely. They just love the food I make for them. There were in India for a month s time last year. That is the time when I actually learnt the likes and dislikes of kids. These recipes come from that experience.
Today I am going to share a simple recipe. Veggie sandwich.
Simple ingredients for this dish

  • Bread ( preferably whole wheat)
  • Cabbage - shredded
  • Carrot - shredded
  • Onion - finely chopped
  • Green chilli - 1 finely chopped
  • Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Mustard seeds and oil for tempering.

How to we make this wholesome breakfast.

  • Heat oil in a heavy bottomed wok
  • Add mustard seeds and let it sputter
  • To this add the cabbage and saute till they are al dente
  • Set the sauteed cabbage aside.
  • Add a little oil and saute the Onion and carrot till they are done.
  • Add turmeric and salt to the mixture followed by cabbage
  • Saute the whole thing until you get a completely blended filling
  • Now, toast the bread slices either stove top or toaster

  • Place some filling on one slice and then cover it using another toasted slice
  • Cut them diagonally and serve with tomato ketchup ( I had mine just like that )

Most important part of the post is when I peep into my fellow runners kitchen and see what is cooking. Let us go ...

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