Wangs Kitchen : An Indo Chinese Affair

Chinese cuisine is my go to place when I am really really bored of South Indian and North Indian cuisines. Wang's, is just the right place for our taste palettes which look out for Indo Chinese flavors. My favorite on their menu is their momos. But went on to order, Honey coated chili potatoes, Schewan Vegetables and Egg Fried Rice. All my favorite and was glad that mom liked them too. So here are some pictures of my visit to the place

Honey Coated Chili Potatoes : Crunchy on the outside and just cooked inside, it was a mingle of various flavors, quite different and nice on the palate

Egg Fried Rice : My definite order , in Chinese, the mildly spiced fried rice, perfectly compliments the addition of egg to it

Vegetable Schewan : This a sweet and spice dish. I usually like to add a lot of veggies to my plate. This dish is just the right choice, with carrot, baby corn, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli and beans

The portions are huge and the prices are reasonable, a meal for two comes up to RS 400/-
One thing that I would love Wang's to pay a little more attention to the interiors and to the television set that they have but does not work 

Will I go back , definitely after a while , when I get the craving to eat Indo Chinese

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