Habanero : A Mexican Fiesta

I am a huge fan of Mexican cuisine. And has always wanted to check places that offer this cuisine, Habanero was on the list.
We were greeted by men who were dressed up in Mexican attire and really huge hats. One such guy, showed us a demo of making a Guacamole. He used a different kind of mortar and pestle.  Yes it did taste good, spicy and tangy and creamy as a guacamole should be.

Avocado being scrapped out.

Mortar and Pestle 
It paired up well with the nachos
Another live demo was to be given to us by the Chef

The tomatillo sauce , made for us live. This served as a base on which the zucchini fritters were served.

Zucchini Fritters being pan fried

Chef showing us how to pan fry the fritters
Zucchini fritters served on Tomatillo sauce, with fresh sour cream and tomato.
Succulent and juicy chicken skewers

Their signature dish " Fish en Pibil with Cilantro Pesto" A steamed basa fish over vegetables and Mexican rice on sides with cilantro pesto.

Tres leche cake
Churros with chocolate sauce.
All the dishes had a wonderful medley of flavours.
Habanero, is located in Phoenix Market City, Velachery.
Do check out the variety of dishes on their menu and relish them too.


Hard Rock Cafe : Rocking all the way

After a long day at work, I was headed to the bloggers meet at Phoenix city mall. We were to be as guest in two restaurants, one of which is Hard Rock Cafe. Located in the middle of the mall, it has a wonderful ambience to have a relaxed meal and get yourself refreshed even in the middle of the day or week.   

The evening began with a glass of wonderful drink made from cranberry juice, pomegranate and lemon. The sweet level was that enough while the tanginess along with the salt on the rim of the glass took it to another level

A platter that contains vegetarian spring rolls , bruschetta , onion rings and garlic bread was served next.  The sauces along with were very tasty. That is the JUMBO Platter for you.

Hard Rock Nachos , served with Sour Cream, Chopped green Onions and Spicy Jalapenos along with Hard Rock special fresh Salsa. . Chicken can be added as an extra topping

The perfectly balanced Mediterranean linguine, Hard Rock gives you a choice of grilled shrimp or grilled chicken breast or grilled tenderloin along with some fresh vegetables like artichoke, green beans and mushrooms. The sauce used in this dish is a white wine garlic sauce. The side for this is a mildly toasted garlic bread.

Like every fashion show, you need to wait for the showstopper. Behold here comes the legendary burger from Hard Rock Café, its the signature dish of theirs. And famous the world over. Made from meat and topped with bacon, fried onions, tomato served with pickles and fries. Its quite huge and takes a large appetite to finish it off.


The vegetarians were served a creamy twisted mac, with cottage cheese and garlic bread. It was real creamy and YUMMY.

Dessert was straight from heaven I should say, it was a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, Its a tasty heap of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolaty fudge sauce and garnished with nuts, fresh cream and cherry
Hard Rock Café is located in Phoenix Market city, Velachery
A special mention to the ambience and décor of the place. So thoughtfully done with contributes from various people in the music and film industry.
Will I go back, definitely, for the service and the way they can customise your food. Hard Rock Café is not only for non vegetarian lovers but also for people who are vegetarians. They do have options and ensure that our taste buds are satisfied too.
Kudos to team Hard Rock Café.

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