Healthy Saturday

Last Saturday was our dear friend Selvi's Birthday. We girls wanted to celebrate it the whole day. So here is what we did..
  • Started of the day at around 7 am in the morning to Satyam to see Santosh Subramanian, 7.45am. Trust me there were only 30 people in whole theatre so we had out and out fun. Making wild comments and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

  • Since we started early , we ate sandwich and drank cold coffee at the theatre at the beginning of the film.
  • By 11 am the film got over and we were out in the hot sun. We headed out to Isphani Center , having in mind Cafe Coffee day. But the very next door was Cool by Nature.
  • Its a cozy little place where you are served various salads, sandwiches and healthy natural drinks.
  • The one you see below is a mosambi, mint cooler. It was fantastic
  • Followed by Gelatno Ice Cream, Indian Farmers Salad, Indian Spicy Salad, Tropical Slush

We thorougly enjoyed the salads , they were very much refreshing and filling. Hence we decided that we would take a salad per day and end up eating healthy. The ambience is good and its worth a try.

The place is called Cool by Nature and is located in Isphani center, next to Cafe Coffee day. Try it and enjoy healthy eating.

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