Home Made Idli Batter

This post is of immense importance to me, for the very first time I got a query from a reader asking me to post on how to make a good Idli batter, that will yield her soft idlis. This was one of the queries raised and discussed at length , when I met the Bakers for a lunch in Crimson Chakra. So here I am with the post that will help you all yield soft idlis.

I would like to warn you ahead, as this is gonna be a long post. Read it at your leisure and do let me know of the result that you got. 

Ingredients :

Urad Dal - 1 cup
Idli rice - 4 cups
Salt - To Taste


Measure out Urad Dal and Idli Rice in different Vessels
Wash them well in water for about three times
The more you wash it and remove the tiny dirt particles in Rice and Urad Dal, your Idli will be more white and fluffy
Soak the Urad Dal and Rice in clean drinking water for about 2 to 3 hours
After about 2 hours, both the rice and Dal would have soaked well
Clean and wash the grinder before you use it
Grind the soaked Urad Dal first
Ensure that there is just enough water to enable the Dal to grind well
You should get a smooth paste of Urad Dal with increased volume of the batter
Remove it to a clean vessel
Now add the soaked rice and grind it well to make a smooth paste
When the rice batter is done, add the salt to the mixture along with the Urad Dal batter
Let the two batters mix well and blend to form the same consistency
Remove the batter into clean vessels and place a lid
Leave it on the kitchen cabinet for about 5 to 6 hours
After about 6 hours, the batter would have risen up due to fermentation
Use this batter without mixing to make Idlis
They will be soft and fluffy
You can store this batter  for about three days
On day 1 and Day 2 of the batter you can make Idlis
Day 3: Crispy Dosa can be made 
Day 4: You can make onion oothappam or kuli paniyaram

Some important notes

You can add Fenugreek seeds to make Idlis more soft
Cleaning of the grinder is very important as it should have the taste of the previous batch of batter that was made
When you set the batter aside for fermenting, please place the vessel inside a plate
This is to ensure that even if the batter over spills it does not spoil you counter top

Pictures for your reference

Washed and Soaked Urad Dal

Batter being made in the grinder. I have a table top grinder

Batter taken in a vessel

Can you see how it has risen due. This is the way the batter has to look after about 6 - 7 hours of grinding and storage

The more is rises, the more soft your Idli will be. The thicker the batter, the crispier your dosa

Idli batter poured into the Idli Making vessel

Soft Idlis ready to be gobbled down

This picture was taken in my backyard garden.
Enjoy your breakfast with Idli , Chutney and Sambhar


Unknown said...

Homemade idli batter looks perfect..

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Unknown said...

really good detailing and step by step photos....

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