Cooking with Sara Koshy !!

As Chennai Food Guide, enters its 8th year of existence. The workshops and interactions are getting better as each day passes by. I should definitely say that am enjoying these sessions.. One such workshop that happened recently was that of Sara Koshy 's Live Demo and Interactive Cooking that was held in Chennai's very own Organic Gormei Market. 

Sara Koshy has a passion towards cooking and especially baking. She took interest in cooking since the age of 13. She sees baking to be therapeutic and a stress buster. She is amazing baker and takes order for cakes and desserts. She conducts classes in cooking Italian and Continental cuisine, nevertheless this does not stop her from attending other cooking classes. There is no end to learning in the vast ocean of cooking. Im sure many would agree upon this.

A short note about Gormei Market. Gormei Market is Chennai's only specialty food superstore offering a wide range of food products from all over India and around the world . True to that 
fact, they have a well stocked outlet in two places. CIT Colony, 
Mylapore (behind Focus Gallery)Gandhi Nagar, Adyar (beside Crimson Chakra). Most important you can find organic vegetables and fresh herbs.  

Here are some glimpses of the Demo and Interactive Cooking workshop we had at Gormei Market.

Participants listening with keen interest and attention

Some refreshing juices for the participants.

Chef Sara at work. She was explaining about sauteing mushrooms for Cream of Mushroom Soup

Various ingredients for the demo cooking session. All organic and from Gormei Market.. ooooooohhhh!

Cream of Mushroom Soup being made

Cups ready with pieces of sauteed mushrooms to serve the soup

Cream of mushroom soup. Ready to be served. To be very honest, I am not a big fan of mushroom, but liked this soup very much and will be making it at home very soon

Ingredients for making Pasta, everything organic. That make the pasta extra tasty.. isn't it.

Making of Pasta, with Pasta Sauce, Onions, Tomato and Zucchini

Ready to be served, Pasta done

Pasta with Parmesan cheese spread on it. Yummy

Fresh tossed salad. Made with Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Apple, Salad greens in Mustard sauce and Olive oil dressing

Ready to be served and devoured

It was a very interactive class, Sara Koshy, shared some valuable tips on how to cook pasta in the right way. The way flour is to be added to make soup. How the vegetables need to be cut for the tossed salad. etc. My love for Italian food has only become even stronger. Sara made cooking Italian very easy and breezy. Even an amateur person in cooking would love to cook Italian after being a part of her cooking class.

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