Meme for Recipe Marathon

I was tagged by Divya who is also a runner with me in Recipe Marathon #2. As she mentioned in her blog , this meme was started to know the runners better. Here are the rules of this meme

a) List the rules on the blog

b) Share 7 facts about you

c) Tag 4 other people at the end of the blog

1. I love music .. where ever I am in the house .. there will be a system or radio happily singing away. My ipod and myself are inseperable.

2. I love my mom very much .. I inherit many qualities and activities from her. She is the inspiration of my life and what I am today

3. I love cooking , this is something that I took up due to neccesity and started to love it Now cooking is my Passion

4. My yet another passion is Glass painting - which in the recent times Im not into. I learnt this art on my own and my motivation to do glass painting was my friends three year old daughter

5. I love to hang out with my friends and have a huge circle, this circle is ever increasing with this blogging.

6. Im a very techy person who loves gadgets, starting from my mobile to my laptop.

7. Last but not least , I hold three master degrees , Masters in Business Administration, Psychology and Information technology

I wish to tag

Bhawna from Bhawna Loves Cooking

Raaji from Raajis - Kitchen

Ruchii from Ruchii

Anu from Arundati-Foodblog

Happy Meme Girls !!


Medhaa said...

nice knowing about you.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Good to know abt you.

Priya Suresh said...

Glad to read ur meme n knowing more about u...Happy to run along with u..

DK said...

Good Knowing a little more about you :)

Unknown said...

nice meme love to read that one

Divya said...

Nice knowing about u...

viji said...

nice to know abt u & inspired by that u r pschology student

Arundathi said...

hey thanks for tagging me. will email to RM. thanks.

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