Pepper Jeera Rasam - Recipe Marathon - Day 10

Rasam is an all time favourite and comfort food. Anytime you feel bored about all other food , this rasam will revitalise your senses. I love to drink rasam when its just made and the flavour is simply delicious. Dont wonder if I say the flavour is delicious, we often taste the food first by its smell, next by the appearence and only then by its actually taste by our tastebuds. Now on to the ingredients and method to prepare this incredible rasam.

Pepper - 3 table spoons
Jeera - 3 table spoons
Dhaniya (Coriander seeds) - 1 spoon
Red chillies - 2 nos
Garlic pods - 2
Tamarind - to make 3 table spoons of pulp
Tomatoes -1 cut into small pieces
Fresh Coriander - a handful

Blend the dry ingredients in a mixer to form a coarse powder. Soak tamarind in lukewarm water and make a thick pulp out of it .

In a wide pan, add a little oil and add mustard seeds wait till they sputter. Add the tamarind pulp followed by the tomatoes and add a cup of water. Let the tomatoes get done. Now add the coarse rasam powder that you have grind along with required amount of salt. Let it boil for sometime and when you get the flavour of rasam add the fresh coriander leaves and remove from fire

You can add fresh curry leaves and finely chopped tomatoes for seasoning. I sometimes drain the whole mixture and heat only the juice in microwave just before serving. Some people like it along with the fine powder of Rasam

My family as such likes rasam with potato, but I like it with Beans Poriyal. Now I need to make beans poriyal. Will post it soon. My mom used to say that if at all I need to forgo a veggie when I visit Kasi, it has to be only Beans.
Now on to my fellow runners.. lets check out what s cooking in their kitchens

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CurryLeaf said...

Lovely with rice on cold wintery night and also good when one has coughs and colds.Nice entry

ranji said...

this is the 3rd rasam post i have come across today :)...all different though ...this one looks equally delicious..i love it anytime with rice!!!

Srivalli said...

now so many rasams are floating!..

Unknown said...

Like you recipe, its so cold here, this will be perfect. Rasam looks very tempting.

Priya said...

This was my savior all of last week when I was down with a throat infection and found nothing appetizing. It's such a comfort with steaming rice or just on its own.

Bhawana said...

rasam looking very tempting and mouthwatering. its along time we had this. nice entry.

Unknown said...

That looks very tasty. I love to add lots of garlic too to my rasam:)

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