Keerai Masiyal - Recipe Marathon - Day 16

In Chennai, you can get fresh greens all through the year at your door step. I have a lady who has been giving me greens for a long time, a very elderly person. She has all the variety of greens according to the seasons they are got. My favourite is Aarai Keerai. There is a whole lot of things that can be done using Aarai Keerai. You can make poriyal, kootu, masiyal , kulambu with it. Its a very nutricious and delicious keerai.

Aarai Keerai - Washed and cleaned
Green chillies - 2
Tomato - 1 small
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds , Urad dal and oil for tempering

Wash the keerai well and clean them. Remove unwanted leaves in them and again wash them. Washing the keerai should be done as follows. Take two wide mouth bowls. Put keerai in one bowl and add water to it. Wash the keerai and put them in the other empty bowl. Now add water and wash the keerai in the second bowl. Remove the keerai to the first bowl and throw away the water. Use fresh water every time you wash. If you watch closely, fine sand will form as a sediment when ever you change the water. This fine sand should be completely eliminated completely.
Now in a wide mouth pan, add the keerai , along with green chillies, and tomato. Cook well with water till the keerai is done completely. Let it cool completely and then put it in a blender and make it a smooth paste. Add crystal salt preferably before you blend it. I always feel crystal salt gives a distinct flavor than the table salt. Maybe this is a just a thought that I got from my mom.
Now for the tempering, in a small pan add little oil and when it hot add the mustard seeds followed by Urad dal. Pour it over the keerai masiyal and stir well. Healthy Keerai Masiyal ready. I love to mix rice with this and eat it just without any side dish. This dish can be given for babies in their growing years.

Keerai Sadham
Im sending this Keerai Sadham to Srivalli's Rice Mela
I get some good smell from my fellow runners kitchen , shall we peek in , come on ...
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CurryLeaf said...

Looks lovely.Ara keerai is delish.

Unknown said...

nice colour and yummy recipe

Priya Suresh said...

Lovely colour...miss these sorts of keerais here...

kamala said...

Missing the arai keerai here Kamalika..love to have it.

karuna said...

something like spinach ki subzi. love the bright green colour.

Bhawana said...

first I thought u r making any kind of cutney but it was rice at last. which looks very tempting. It wud have tasted great for sure.

Medhaa said...

looks great, love the color

momsnetwork said...

This is an incredible dish, I make this dish at least once a week at home..Really Yuummmmyyyyyy
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Sukshma said...

Very nicely and simply depicted. Can you list the names of the different keerais along with a picture if possible? I am yet to get the names right!!

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