Golu at office - Very exciting

We had a golu competition at office last week . I was very much excited as I love to keep golu but since its not a tradition at home , we dont keep. Now that I had a chance to exhibit my talent I did not want to miss the golden opportunity. There was ofcourse a condition that the Golu had to be in the cubicle itself , hence I had to plan something small and cute with the materials that I had. Here are a few pictures of the Golu that I exhibited at office. Though I did not win the competition I dervied immense pleasure and satisfaction in arranging the Golu. My team had lot of fun helping me do it.

I made this Kolam using Black Channa Dal and filled it using Samanthi Flowers

Kolam on either side of Baba was done using Moong Dal


Vibaas said...

Wow Kamalika! That's a fantastic golu - within a cubicle. Awesome job!

jayasree said...

Nice golu. You have managed a decent one inside the cubicle. What abt golu bhakshanam?

A Kamalika Krishmy said...

Thanks Vibaas... that was the challenge to arrange it in a cubicle

Jayasree, I gave Haldirams Sonpapdi as golu bhakshanam.

lakshmi said...

golu truly looks very exciting, i love golu - i like the krishna with gopikas set

Yamini said...

Btw, how did u manage to make those steps ?

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