Badam Kheer

Last day of First Week marathon. It is a dessert for my Party Menu. 

A simple dish that can be made ahead and served in a big bowl or in individual portions.

Yes it is the heavenly sinful Badam Kheer. This has always been my favorite when I visit Shree Mithai. This dish in particular is very close to my heart. A small story on why it is close to my heart. When I made this dish and took it to office, a colleague of mine could not resist when she saw the Kheer and had about 7 spoons of the Kheer. Now you may wonder what is so special about her having so much Kheer. The point is that, she was on a strict diet and never budges for any delicacy that might ruin her diet. She made my day, I did not have the heart to stop her. She made my day by her act. 


Badam - 2 cups soaked in milk
Milk - 1.5 litres
Sugar - as per taste
Badam and Saffron strands for garnish 


Soak the Badam in warm milk for about an hour s time
In the mean time boil and milk and keep it aside
Blend the soaked Badam into a smooth paste.
Add the blended paste and sugar to the boiled milk 
Keep stirring in low flame till the whole mixture thickens
Dissolve saffron strands in a little milk and add to the Kheer
Saffron adds color and flavor to the Kheer

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