Chicken Curry

For the very first time in the history of my blog, it is a non vegetarian dish. Yes, my very first attempt to make Chicken curry. And by god s grace, it turned out to be awesome. People who tasted it was surprised that I made this dish, without tasting it. ( you guys must know by now , that I am a vegetarian )

I owe the success of this dish, to a friend/colleague of mine, who motivated me to prepare this. It has actually given me the confidence that I can cook non veg dishes without tasting them. 


Boneless Chicken - 1/2 kg
Onions - 1 cup sliced
Tomato - 1/2 cup sliced
Red Chili powder - 2 tbsp
Coriander powder - 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking
Mint and Coriander for garnish
Coconut - 1 cup
Cashew nuts - 4 or 5
Spices - clove, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf, saunf


Clean the chicken and cut them into small pieces
In a pressure pan, add a little oil 
When the oil is hot add the spices, followed by the sliced onions and saute well
Add a bunch of Coriander and Mint leaves to this and saute for about a minute
In the mean while, blend the coconut and cashew into a smooth paste and keep aside
Add the tomatoes when the onions are translucent followed by ginger garlic paste
Add the cleaned and cut chicken pieces
Season it with red chili powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder
Mix well so that the spices and Masala powders cover the chicken pieces
Add the coconut paste and adjust salt at this stage.
When the mixture comes to a boil, close the pressure pan and cook for three whistles
After the pressure gets released , open the lid
Garnish with Coriander and Mint leaves
Serve hot with Jeera rice or roti

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