Innipu Appam

This dish was originated from the border places of Kerala and Tamilnadu.The town of Nagercoil is supposed to have a mix culture of Tamilnadu and Kerala, this is where this dish was created.


4 Ripe Nenthram Banana
3 cups - Maida
3 cups - Jaggery Syrup
A pinch of salt to taste.
Oil for deep fry


Jaggery Syrup:
Dissolve 1 Kg of Jaggery in water. Filter the syrup to remove the dirt particles if any. Allow this syrup to boil in a thick bottomed pan till a drop of jaggery , stays undissolved in water.

Cut the nenthram banana into small slices and set aside . Mix Maida , jaggery syrup and the salt with water to make a batter out of it . Heat the oil in a thick bottomed pan, in order to deep fry the appam. Dip the banana slices in the batter and deep fry them, till its golden brown.

This dish makes an amazing evening snacks and will be relished a lot by kids .

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