J for Jafarisi Vathal

Anything related to summer.. brings back memories of my Paati. If anyone has been following my blog, every second post will have the mention of her. My beloved Muthulakshmi paati. Being the daughter of a working mother, my summer holidays are always with paati. Those are the times, when I learnt how to play pallanguzhi ( it is a traditional game of tamil nadu,) which is played in almost all households well before the invent of computer games. I learnt to make various vathal and vadagams . I learnt how to tie flowers and make a garland. I learnt to make Adhirasam. All these things I mention proudly as none of my aunts or my cousins learnt it. Till date not all know everything of what I have mentioned. Im proud of it and would like to carry forward what all I learnt from her to others. 

Every summer I make it a point to make atleast one batch of any vathal or vadagam in her memory. Somehow it gives me a satisfaction. This year I made Vengaya Vadagam and Jafarisi Vathal. Guess I kept the Jafarisi Vathal for this marathon. Without any further ado, on to the recipe.


Rice Flour - 3 cups
Jafarisi ( Sago ) - 2 cups
Water - 4 cups
Green Chilie paste - 1/2 cup
Jeera - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste


Soak Jafarisi for about 1 hour 
In a huge vessel take the water for about half of it
When the water starts to boil well, add the rice flour and keep stirring
When the rice completely blends with water and form a semi solid mixture
Add the green chili paste , soaked Jafarisi and salt to this and mix well
Switch off the fuel and let it rest for sometime. 
In a flat surface, place a plastic sheet and ensure that it does not fly
Place a spoon of this mixture on the sheet, leaving adequate space between each spoon
Let this dry for two days
At the end of it , the vathal would have come off automatically
Store in airtight container and deep fry them as and when required 

Logo courtesy : Preeti


Unknown said...

wow very very delicious crunchy vathal :) :)

Pavani said...

One of our favorite vadiyam (as we call it in Telugu).. Crispy & delicious with just about anything..

Suma Gandlur said...

Crunchy sago papads. Love them along with sambhar / rasam rice.

Unknown said...

a must in many homes.. delicious and authentic vadams!!


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