H for Homemade Chocolates

Making chocolates at home is therapeutic, and don't forget some can get very high on chocolates, like what happened to me. I went on a cooking spree for my nieces after inhaling so much chocolate. I learnt the art of making chocolate from my dear friend Vidu. She is such a sweet person who does not mind sharing whatever she knows with others. She is a wonderful Quilling artist, you can view her creations here 

Making chocolate is simple and addictive too. 


Dark Chocolate compound - 1 cup
Milk chocolate compound - 1 cup
Chocolate moulds
Wrapping paper


Break both the Chocolates into small piece and take it in a bowl

Heat the bowl over a double boiler until the chunks melt and form into pourable consistency 

Pour them into the moulds you have
Tap the moulds on the table to remove any air bubbles in the tray
Freeze it for about 5 minutes times
Remove from freezer and tap it again
Your chocolates are ready to be gobbled up. 
I had used the bar chocolate mould and alphabet mould

My nieces gobbled up the alphabets, once they were out of the freezer.
I wrapped the bar ones and saved it for my sister. 
She had it after a weeks time when it reached US and loved it too.

Wrap the chocolates in the wrappers available for this purpose.

Chocolates packed to US

Logo courtesy : Preeti


Suma Gandlur said...

Wow, they look like store bought ones. Yummy.

Unknown said...

makes a perfect gift!!! love this idea of home made chocolates!!


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