F for Floating Candles

As a food and craft enthusiast, I have often visited Martha Stewart s website, whenever I feel bored or lazy to do something. I usually browse the crafts section a lot and is much attracted to the table settings section. This one arrangement has always caught my attention. The post is about how you make candles and present it as a lovely center piece or a corner decoration to catch the attention of visitors who come to your house. Being close to Deepavali ( Diwali ) I thought this was a nice way to light up the house. I basically love candles any form and flavor. So here goes the method to make a simple yet very elegant and impressive centerpiece

You will need

A large glass bowl/brass bowl
Some candles
Petals for decoration


Fill the bowl with 3/4 water 
Fix it in the place you want to display the candles
Spread the petals on the water and ensure that there is an even spread of colors
Light the candle and place them on the water
Do not over crowd the bowl with candle, use your judgement to make it look pretty
Add a little more water so that the candles can be seen above the rim of the bowl. 

You can make it with multi colored flowers or only with roses too

Your pretty and elegant floating candle centerpiece is ready

Logo courtesy : Preeti


Unknown said...

wow very very useful post and I love floating candle :) lovely clicks dear !!

Suma Gandlur said...

One of my SILs does this for Diwali. Looks very colorful and beautiful.

Unknown said...

beautiful they look!!! wow is the word!!


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