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After a long hectic day at office, with one of calls which was for 30 mins lasted for about little more than 2 hours got over, I headed to the newly opened "Zha" Cafe at Porur. This is a newly opened branch for the original one in Adyar. Trust me it was a complete unwind for me after a hectic day. I guess it was the same with most of us.

The whole concept of Zha Cafe is to ensure that your get all what you had wanted to eat in a tea shop or coffee kadai in a more healthier environment. I was surprised to see my favorite drink on the menu " Pana Kalkandu Paal " This is a drink made by mixing milk with Palm sugar. A very healthy drink especially when you have a sore throat. It is so soothing and helps to mend your throat too. 

The ambience of Zha Cafe is very casual, just like how a living room of a house would look like. The chairs are low lying with cushions, to give you a very relaxed feel.

Interiors in Zha Cafe.

The props and Ambience in Zha Cafe gives you a village atmosphere and a tea kadai feel

We had Kadalai ,Peanuts and Pori Urundai. to start off . Pori Urundai that has been prepared in a hygienic way was a hit with me. 

Atirasam with Banana drizzled with honey
Vazhaipoo Vadai
Vazhakai Bajji
Vengaya Bonda

Recipes at home or in this blog or even in restaurants are either borrowed or read or eaten from some where at some point of time. Athirasam with Banana drizzled with honey is a dish that Arasi has eaten at a friends place and wanted it to be on the menu of Zha Cafe. It tasted so good and for athirasam lovers like me, it was perfect. 

Masala Aval and Inipu Aval

The food that is being offered at Zha Cafe are some of the forgotten ones or the ones that we do not give much importance. Inipu aval is something which is very commonly receipe, but not many of us make it at home. Their menu actually reminded me to prepare certain simple dishes that we have long forgotten

Do you like to have maggi while playing Pallanguzhi ? I would love to. Ok ok.. I hear you, Some do not know this game. Click here to know more about this ancient game of Tamil Nadu. I have played it with my Grand mom every summer hols. Now is miss them both.

I hear non vegetarians grumble about the menu, not to worry guys, Zha Cafe offers you chicken sandwiches and salads to cater to your taste palates

Jala bula Jangz
Nanari Sarbat
Pana Kalkandu Paal
Rose Milk
Mango Ice Cream

To end the wonderful meal you have just had, the array of thirst quenchers Zha Cafe offers you not only caters to your throat but also to the eyes. Wat a riot of colors I should say. Each drink with its unique taste and flavor was wonderful.

My Rating for Zha Cafe

Ambience - 9
Food - 9
Service - 10

Zha Cafe is located in Adyar and Porur

Adyar Address:

25, 2nd Street,
Kamarajar Avenue ,Adyar, Chennai -20 
Phone :044-42116027

Porur Address:

10, Shakthi Nagar,
Mount Poonamallee Road,
Porur,Chennai -600166.
Phone : 044-30064810.
(Behind ICIC bank and next to Shell Petrol Bunk)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed review. I will check it out soon!!

Arun said...

Very good review and I second your words. My experience was exactly like how you mentioned !

S. Susan Deborah said...

Next time when I visit Chennai, I will check this one for sure. The food, drinks and games look so tempting and delicious.

Yesterday morning we had inipu aval for breakfast - It's one of my husband's favourite food.

Joy always,

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