Happy Woman's Day - A tribute to all the women in my life..

"Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece. "
Bharathiyar in his poems said that it is a boon to be born as a woman. I completely agree to it and feel it in my everyday life. It a privilege to be a woman. I have never ever felt inferior to men at any point in my life till date. Women of today are more educated , more knowledgeable and can manage difficult situations with a calm smile. Woman of today are excellent multitaskers. They manage their work, in laws, children , family, cooking and at the same time do not leave away their passion or hobbies.
In the treasure hunt that I participated today, there were many ladies who would have well past their 40s who had so much enthusiasm in them to participate. I was proud to see them and thought within myself that I should inculcate that enthusiasm and courage in myself.
The most important change seen in woman today is that they stand for they feel is Right, and live by it no matter what comes in their way. Though outgoing, we have not lost the touch of our roots and follow culture in every possible way.
Life teaches us many things through the experiences we have everyday and from people whom we meet daily. I have learnt many things from the women who are involved in my day to day life either directly or indirectly.
Starting from my grandmother ( dad's mom ) who brought me up with love and affection when my mother was away at work. The first Tamil words she taught me , the love with which she would be waiting for me every evening for me to return from school. I learnt how to love fellow human beings and treat them with compassion.
My other grandmother ( mom's mom ) was an epitome of courage to raise children, educate them and get them married off even after my grandfather passed away, inspires me to see the light when everything around you is dark.
My mother is where I draw most of my inspiration. She has always been a multi tasker in my eyes right from childhood, managing her school work and household activities. She was a teacher. Her never fading enthusiasm to learn new things has made her a Chief Educational Officer. This enthusiasm is mirrored in me , which made me gain 4 master degrees. Hats off to you mom...
My chitti, she is the other image of patience.. She is my chittappa s wife .. but still.. I would always say .. its my chitti's house rather than my chittappa's house. She has taken care of me when my mother was not around.I learnt patience from her.
My sisters, M, G and N ... most lovely girls ever .. they are more friends than family.. As the saying goes , your life is blessed when your family treats you like a friend and friends treat you like family. I'm blessed and privileged to have such people in my life.
I love you all and feel proud to be a part of this wonderful family which has shaped up such wonderful women.
Now, a special award to my blogger friends who has made my little space more beautiful

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Mina Joshi said...

Happy Women's day to you too. Thank you very much for the Award!! I am honoured to receive it.

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

A Very Happy Women's Day to you too!!!!
"Though outgoing, we have not lost the touch of our roots "
So True!!
Thanks for the Award!! So Happy, honoured to be receive!

Umm Mymoonah said...

Wonderful post, I loved your english translation for Bharathiyar's kavithai.

Gayathri Anand said...

Happy Womans day to you too ..wonderful post ..That was so kind of you to share an award with us ..

Srivalli said...

Happy Women's day to you too Kamalika..Thank you..

Unknown said...

Happy women's day to you too dear :)

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