Day 7 - Blogging Marathon - Corn Cheese Balls with French Fries

I am at loss of memory to think that its already 7 days gone .. Sure time flies.. So did these Corn Cheese Balls. This is yet another dish that I made for K & T. They loved it. I served it with French Fries and Tomato Sauce. My sister mailed me saying that K & T are totally excited about thier mention in my blogs. How could I be without mentioning them in my post. They are so adorable and loved almost everything I made for them. To be precise I spend close to 48 hours with them.. but memories are there even today after a year' s time.

Yummy ingredients that will help you make these (calorie filled) Cheese Balls
  • Grated Cheese - 1 block
  • Corn Kernels - a handful
  • Corn flour - 2 tsp
  • Bread Crumbs - to roll the cheese balls
  • Oil - for Shallow Fry

Here is how I made them
  • Grate Cheese
  • To this add the frozen corn kernels
  • Mix well and make small balls
  • Mix the corn flour in a small bowl with a little water
  • Dip the cheese balls in corn flour and roll them over bread crumbs
  • Shallow fry them in oil for just 30 secs
  • Delicious cheese balls are ready
  • Serve it with tomato ketchup
  • I made french fries ( the store bought ones) along with it

Note ;

  • It was a super hit combo with the kids.
  • You can add bread crumbs to the cheese /corn mixture. It will give you a nice texture.
  • These balls can also be made with veggies in them.

On the last day of the marathon, let us go kitchen hopping.. come along.


Harini said...

I like that they are just shallow fried and not deep fried!

Divya said...

wow....yummy....i do cheese balls but never tried with corn..lovely...

Srivalli said...

Sure looks great Kamalika

Ila said...

yummy yummy and love dis :)

Unknown said...

Innnovative and Healthy toooo

Priya Suresh said...

Feel like munching those cheesy balls with yummy fries..

MySpicyKitchen said...

Yummy balls!


Pavani said...

Those are fun snacks for kids.. Looks yumm.. It was fun running the marathon with you Kamalika. Hope to do it again very soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Smita P said...

cheese balls look absolute divine...

It is nice to know that we will be in the same group of 7 day marathon of srivalli.

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