Chennai's Best Kept Secret - On the Rocks.

Yes, this is Chennai s best kept secret as far as at least some people are concerned. On the Rocks is an awesome bar cum resto which is celebrating its 6th Anniversary this month. I had the wonderful opportunity to dine there and have a long chat with Chef Rohit, the brain behind OTR s menu.

The ambience is serene and apt for a quite evening dinner with wine and long chats with your friends or loved ones

Some interesting information about OTR before I start with the menu.
They change the menu every 14 days. Some dishes are added and some removed. They try to maintain a balance of flavors and tastes to cater to every diner.

Any new dish that makes it way to the menu card is tried , tested and then approved to be on the menu. I particularly like the way the flavors are blended in each of their dishes. Kudos to Chef Rohit.

First to be served was yummy soft foacacia bread with a carrot apply pathay. An awesome combo of apple and carrot. The sweet and sour flavors complimented each other so much.


Our starters was Baked Cacumber with honey and garlic reduction, Enoki Mushroom, bluecheese  sauce with greens and balsamic paint , semolina gnocchi with wild mushrrom , baby spinach confit garlic and pine nut. The cheese that was served to us was imported from France

Baked Cacumber with honey and garlic reduction

Semolina gnocchi with wild mushroom,baby spinach confit garlic and pine nut

Enoki Mushroom, bluecheese  sauce with greens and balsamic paint

Soup was served in a Soup Torne. This is the first time I have seen it, so was a fascinated. Soup Torne is the way soup is served in France. Both the vegetarian and non vegetarian soups tasted very good. I personally would recommend the asparagus soup. Non Vegetarian soup was Chicken Sitaci Mushroom soup


The most interesting wine cellar is located at the back racks of OTR. Oh my what a collection of wines they have. The shelves run to two floors. And they have wines from 3K to 1.4 Lac a bottle.
I personally liked their champagne.

Was totally awed with their wine glass collection

Wine cellar that runs to two floors.

The highlight of the evening was to get to cook meat on a Lava stone from Australia. The concept is cook meat on this stone, which has been heated to 400 degrees in a special oven for 6 hours and served with a variety of sauces that can be used as a dip to eat the meat. The meats that can be cooked varies from chicken , to fish to mutton. You can choose the meat and the sauce on the side. It is an experience on its own and it totally fun.

This meat is served with two sauces of our choice, mashed potatoes and assortment of veggies

Vegetarian Main course was Tortilla wrapped kidney bean pico de gallo , tortilla crush, sour cream , tomato salsa and pickled greens

Crème Brulee and English Pudding was served as dessert. A dash of lit rum on crème brulee was a visual treat indeed. and the taste was too good.

English Pudding was the BEST I have ever had. So soft and spongy .

As a person who is crockery crazy, every piece of crockery in which the food was served deserves a mention, be it the main course or the soup or the dessert. Their crockery was EXQUISITE and ADMIRABLE.

Towards the end of your meal, you will be served a chocolate shot which is flavored with coconut or cinnamon or mint. You will have to figure out the flavor. We were served coconut flavored one. And it was quite nice.

On the Rocks Anniversary celebrations are on till 31st March. So visit and experience the spectacular menu that Chef Rohit and his team has put together. They are open only for Dinner.

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