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A recently conducted workshop by Chennai Food Guide on Thai cooking, brought my interests back to this cuisine.I learnt a lot from this workshop, and my affinity for the cuisine is growing. 

I  gathered up my courage to taste Thai food in Chao, when it came my way through Chennai Food Guide. 

I should say my experience was totally wonderful and will never stay away from Thai Food in the future. A Visual treat of the dishes we were served at Chao. 

Devil's potato : Crispy fried and sauteed potato wedges 
Crisp on the outside and soft inside, it had  the perfect blend of flavors

Green Mango Salad : Juicy Raw mangoes, cut in julienne along with onions , green chilies and lime.
It was tangy and crunchy. I loved this dish a lot. A simple dish that can be recreated at home.

Corn Tartlets - Tartlets filled with crispy corn kernels.
A very convenient finger food, which can be assembled for parties in no time.
One thing which surprised me was the presence of Curry Leaves on the Tartlets.

Veg Dim Sums : Ahh my favorite in Chinese and Thai Cuisine. The shape was different from the normal ones, and the filling was a little bland . I wish to make them at home some time.

Wasabi Prawns - Crispy fried Prawns tossed in smooth Wasabi mayo. 

Basil Chicken - Fine Minced tender chicken served in hot basil sauce

Being a vegetarian, I do not know about the taste first hand. But my fellow CFGians said that it tasted good

Mushroom Pepper Salt - Crispy & juicy mushrooms tossed in pepper, chili flakes and garlic and served on a bed of fried noodles. Fried noodles were made of rice and reminded me of Arisi vathal. Mushrooms tasted good

Vietnamese Rice Roll - Stir Fry Vegetables rolled in paper rolls.
The rolls are not neither deep fried nor steamed. I would say the easiest dish to make, if the filling is ready.

Singaporean Bee Hoon - Fine Rice noodles with bean sprouts.
I almost felt like having veg Semiya, the appearance was so similar to it.
But the taste was Thai. 
Vegetarians having so many options is Thai cuisine is something new to me
Or may be I did not venture into it, for so long.

Jasmine Rice : I had an idea that it would smell Jasmine, but I was wrong. It is a wonderfully flavored rice when had with Thai Curries tastes very good. We were served Thai Green Curry to have along with Jasmine Rice

Thai Green Curry : Signature dish of Thai Cuisine. Thai green curry that is very aromatic and beautiful to serve

Cashew Garlic Garden greens - Stir fried vegetables mildly cooked with Garlic sauce and cashews
This dish was spicy and tasted the same spiciness when mixed with Jasmine rice .

Tub Tim Grob - Water chestnuts in coconut milk served with crushed ice
This is my favorite in the whole menu, I had two servings of this dessert. 
Simple yet tasteful.

A word about the ambiance in Chao. They have a number of wood carvings that decorate the walls. And a wonderful arrangement of lights to complement the walls. One thing in particular that caught my attention was the ceiling, it gave the feeling of Autumn, dried leaves. The interiors are done by Ramesh Thamilman Chao also has a private lounge in its basement where you can organize your private parties

I have always stayed away from Thai food after the first disastrous experience, which was 5 years ago. Now I have started liking Thai food after the dinner at Chao. I completely enjoyed it.

I only wish that they maintain the standards of quality, quantity and taste in the years to come. Wishing them all the very best. 

Chao is located at 

49, North Boag Road, T. Nagar, Chennai

044 65555553, 044 65555554

My ratings

Ambience : 9/10
Food : 8/10
Service : 8/10
Pricing : 7/10

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