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Something that me and my friend are fond off is shopping for clothes and food. So there was this sale in CP Art Center, where we headed one Saturday morning for shopping, As our shopping bags got filled , our tummies started shouting out for food. One look at our watches, we sighed as it was only 11 20 am. Being kind of a in between time, we decided to head to Soups and Salads on TTK Road and check their newly Rice and Shine combo offer. Both being vegetarians, we could only try a few options.

A few lines of Rice and Shine Offer. It is a offer that is priced at Rs.199/- for Vegetarian and Rs. 299/- for Non Vegetarians. You get to choose a soup and a salad from the menu. Rice portion is common for all the combos. 

While you wait for your order for being served, the place mat gives you a lot of information. It is a good time pass to read it and get to know certain details that you would have not known otherwise. 
We opted for Minestrone soup as both of us a ardent lovers of the Italian Cuisine. The taste of the soup was very average as the main ingredient bell peppers were missing in the soup. It lacked the flavor of Italian spices and cheese too. It was very much like Tomato Soup with some pasta and green peas in it. 

One of the Salads we chose was the Garden Fresh Vinaigrette salad. It was very refreshing, the flavors just correct. The veggies in the salad were, bell peppers red , yellow and green, purple cabbage, carrot. The veggies were tossed in a mixture of Vinegar, Olive oil ,salt and pepper.

The other salad was Greek Potato Salad. It had potato cubes, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and lettuce cubes.
The salad was cold and this again had the right dressing and tasted very nice and crunchy.

Both the Salads were served with a serving of Basil Rice. The Rice served with the salads vary on a daily basis. So we had Basil Rice, It was a flavorful rice and I loved it. Though the portion looks small, it will be just enough to fill your tummies.

It was a value for money offer and both of us enjoyed our meal with loads of talks, giggles and gossips to add flavor to it. 

Soups and Salads are located at two locations


30, Kasthurbha Nagar, 1st Cross Street, Adyar, 

Phone :044 4211 4504


   New No. 49, Old No. 26, TTK Road, Alwarpet, 
Phone :044 42114504

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