Breakfast from Andhra - Pesaratu

Think about Andhra ,things that strike your mind are Avakkai oorgai, Gongura Chutney and Pesaratu. Pesaratu is one of the wholesome and filling breakfast which can be had with spicy Ginger chutney. This is a very tasty combination that can make a difference in the usual breakfast menu of dosa and idli.


1 1/2 cup of green moong dal

1 cup of channa dal

1 onion - sliced thinly

2 green chillies

1 small piece of ginger

Salt to taste

Oil as required

Method :

Soak the moong dal and channa dal for about 2 hours after washing it well

Grind it along with ginger, green chillies to make a adai batter consistency

Add the sliced onions and adjust salt to taste

Heat a dosa griddle

Take a laddle full of batter and pour it like a dosa

Flip it to cook well and serve hot with Ginger Chutney

This yummy Pesaratu goes to Cooking with Seeds Event at Priya 's place


Priya Suresh said...

Definitely a healthy and nutritious breakfast,thanks for sending Kamalika..

Pranati Nath said...

just love this recipe.....Upma & pesaratu yummmmmmm

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