Manoharam for ICC

Hi everybody, hope things are fine with you. I am blogging after a very very long time. Something or the other kept me away from blogging. This time I was determined to make it to the ICC.
I was happy with the outcome of my experiment, but was not able to make balls out of manoharam. Reason being my hands do not generally bear heat. So ended up making manoharam bits instead of balls. I had adapted the Recipe 1 given by Srivalli .
This is one snack that my dad simply loves. I usually buy it from Grandsweets, but this time I was very happy to make it at home. It did taste good and everybody at home relished it.
I simply love the color of Manoharam. This is the effect of jaggery that I got specifically to make syrup - it is called " Pagu Vellam". It has a deep brown color and tastes yum. Jaggery syrup is a usual item on my dining table as people at home loves to have it with Idli, Dosa, Upma , etc.,

All it takes is a start, this post has made me realise how much I missed blogging on the whole. I will be back with more recipes. Enjoy.


veena said...

looks so delicious:-)

Niloufer Riyaz said...

perfect looking manoharam!!!

Unknown said...

wow, well done dear.

Srivalli said...

Hello Kamalika, good to see you back!..no issues in you not making the balls!..:)..and very interesting to note that you have jaggary syrup as a side dish??..how nice..

A Kamalika Krishmy said...

@ Veena - it tasted good .. my dad just loved it.
@ Niloufer - Thanks for the compliment
@ Priya - Thanks
@ Valli - Upma with Jaggery syrup taste yup .. be it .. wheat or rice upma .. My sister likes it with idli or a nice crispy dosa.

தக்குடு said...

மனோகரம் எனக்கு ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும்! 100-வது போஸ்டுக்கு special congrats....:)

DV said...

Manoharam looks yummy! I love these and now wanna munch some! It's very sweet of you to dedicate your blog to your patti :)It's my first time on your blog and you have a beautiful collection of recipes!! :)


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