Announcing Recipes for the rest of us - Fruits

Recipes for the rest of us is aimed at introducing newbies to the joy of cooking. Started by Ramki of One Page Cookbooks , this event focuses on very simple, fool proof recipes.

Guidelines :
1. Cook anything simple using fruits and post the recipe on your blog.
2. Multiple entries / archived entries welcome. However, do edit the archived post to include a link to this event and One Page Cookbooks
3. Include the logo in your post if you wish.
4. Please send an e-mail to akamalika@gmail.com with the following details on or before July 20 2009
5.*Subject Line: Recipes for the rest of us : Fruits* Blog author:* Blog name:* Dish Name:* URL of the post:
6. The roundup of would be posted a week after the event closes.

Note :
1. Please avoid exact measurements. Please use very simple measurements like a handful or a pinch.
2. Please avoid complicated steps.If the recipe takes over 5 steps to prepare, it would not be suitable for this event.
3. Please avoid recipes demanding a good deal of manual skill.
4. Please avoid recipes demanding fancy kitchen equipment.
5. In short, it should be something a ten year old kid should be able to cook up.

I look forward to your recipes.

1 comment:

Priya Narasimhan said...

Nice event. I will surely participate..Will send my entry soon. :-)

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