Tranquility in the middle of Chennai : Hab Life

How would you want to unwind after a long tiring week or day. Mine would be to relax in a breezy place, with the food that I like, mild music and good company of course.

The moment I stepped on to the rooftop in Hablis, I was awestruck. The pool and the breeze and the view of the city from the 9th floor was too too good. What is very much appealing is having a quite place to sit and eat in the most busy junctions of Chennai. With a non stop trains on one side, to the ever bustling activities in the bus stand to the entry of one of the main National Highways in Chennai.

This roof top is named as " Hab Life" It has a open gym area. Pool gym, Spa Center, a juice bar that offers a variety of juices and combination that will actually help you improve your health. One of its kind in Chennai am sure its gonna be a super hit.

Our evening started with a welcome drink, It was called Blue Sky. It was a combination of Lemon juice, Blue crosoau  and topped with pineapple. Was very refreshing indeed.

The soups arrived in time, hot and nice.

Asparagus, corn soup. It had small pieces of asparagus and corn with perfect flavoring of herbs.

Minced chicken soup was again with the correct consistency and flavoring

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Red Chili Sauce was perfectly plated. Must mention about plating. Which was very artistically done. And of course being a huge fan of crockery I could not stop admiring at those small wine glasses which was used to carry the sauces

Tofu Satay with sautéed peppers was a treat to my palates

I am a huge fan of sushi, but being a vegetarian, I do not get much of Vegetarian sushi in Chennai. Had a chance to taste the vegetarian sushi made specially for us. It was a cucumber sushi

Vegetarian momo, with spicy sauce to go with it. It was a perfectly folded momo.

My favorite part of the whole dinner was , Thai Green Curry with loads of vegetables and hot steaming rice. The best part was that, in the morning I was craving for thai green curry and vola, I get it served to me for dinner.. Was totally surprised and shocked. Enjoyed every morsel of the rice and curry

To end this wonderful dinner, we had wasabi cheesecake. It was a different flavor, something that I have not tried before. Nevertheless, I liked it  and it was polished off  clean.

I would strongly recommend this place, for a nice and quite dinner. The ambience is awesome. Service is good and Food tastes perfect. You are sure to be relaxed and refreshed by this place and the by the side of the pool.

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