Grand Sweets and Snacks : Homely Taste

Exactly a week ago , it was mom and me time. We were out shopping and had decided to have dinner outside. The highlight was the time at which we decided to step out  for shopping and dinner 
It was around 8 pm. We happily finished shopping by 9 15 pm and mom insisted we have dinner at Grand Sweets and Snacks Amirtham at Bazulla Road. 

I kind of like the leaf structure in which Amirtham is written

A huge Pillaiyar/Ganesha welcomes you. He is a cute guy and mom likes him very much.

While we waited for our order to be served, I took a quick look around wanting to know what all does Grand Sweets offer to its customers

Various Sweets, of course traditional ones.

Delicious Thokkus, Gonugura, Tomato. They also have Vatha Kulambu Paste for which I have my friends who vouch for its taste

Pickles, Lemon, Tomato

They also offer you spicy Sambhar podi, Dal podi, and Rasam podi

You get freshly prepared Badam Milk.

Coconut and Dal Poli

The most interesting things to me is their open kitchen, where you can see what dishes being made and how they are being prepared

First to come was Idly. It was made out of batter made from rice and urad dal. Not the ones where it is made from rice flour. It was soft and hot. Sambhar was the best. It tasted just like the ones we have at home and chutney was freshly made. The tadka for it was just perfect. 

I stress upon all these points as we went to the restuarant at 9 15pm

Next on the list was Chole Batura. This too was hot and most important Chole was not very spicy. It was mildly spiced and was of the right consistency

Mom and me digged into this batura

We ordered Idiyappam with Coconut Milk. Idiyappam was soft and again was served hot.

One thing which I did not like was the leaf on which Idiyappam was served did not look good
This is not the kind of leaf we get served in restaurants.

We finished our dinner with a hot cup of traditional filter coffee. 

Traditional jars used for storing pickles and salt were put up on display. I saw a few kids asking their mothers, what they were. Guess we will be the last generation to get a hands on experience of using these

Miniature model of the AAMI that our mothers and grand mothers used for making chutneys and thogaiyals. 
The taste of those dishes, were truly amazing. Some old practices needs a little rekindling,

Grand Sweets and Snacks is located at 

The Grand Sweets & Snacks
37/18, Bazulla Road, 
T Nagar, Chennai 17
Ph: 42124466

My ratings 

Food : 8/10
Ambience : 7/10
Service : 8/10
Price : 8/10


hotpotcooking said...

I too love that Grand sweets restaurant. Most of time we stock up with their pickles and thokkus.

virunthu unna vaanga said...

nice review dear..

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