AFAM - Pomegranate

2 Ripe Red Tomatoes
1 cup Pomegranate kernels
2 spoons Honey
A Dash of Lime Juice

Dice the tomatoes coarsely and mix with the pomegranate kernels in a blender. Do not add water . Filter the juice to get the essence. Chill in the refrigerator . Add honey and a dash of lime just before you serve .

This is my entry for AFAM, an event by Maheshwari of http://publishtoday.blogspot.com/this time hosted by SRA of http://whenmysoupcamealive.blogspot.com/2008/01/announcing-afam-pomegranate.html
This is my first entry to any such event ... inspired by all the fellow bloggers ... thanks :-)

1 comment:

sra said...

Tomatoes and pomegranate - who'd have thought? Thank you for this v unusual entry.

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