Announcing Kid's Delight - Back to Hostel Food

Cooking for the kids is always a wonderful job. Be it a holiday or a weekend, you end up cooking up a storm to meet their demands. Each occasion would demand a different dish to be rustled up and you can well plan ahead.

Kid's Delight, started by Srivalli,  is one such event that's only for Kids and Kid approved dishes. It need not only be your own kid, it can be your relative or even your childhood dishes that you remember. Only criteria being it should cater to some harassed mom, to cook for her kid.

I have the pleasure to host Kid's Delight again, this time themed on Back to Hostel Food. Now sending kids to hostel is a painful thing, however there might be a need for it. So when you do send them back, you should be sending them with loads of food that they can still enjoy right.

So "Back to Hostel Food" is just that. Cook anything that can be packed and stored for a while and send them to me.

Guidelines for the event:

Event starts from Feb 16th and ends on Mar 15th.
Link  back to Srivalli's Kid's Delight Announcement Page
Entries should fall under the requirement of being packed and sent.
Has to be Kid approved.

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